Menu Engineering (Classroom & Asynchronous) TGS-2022015645


TSC: FSS-PIN-3022-1.1

This module provides the students with the advanced knowledge required to create menu and evaluate menu pricing using the restaurant data. Students will be looking into a few aspects such as the menu design and planning, menu pricing, food and beverage production that is in-line with the digital transformation.

Learners will be able to provide suggestions and recommendations to support menu engineering for new food products

Learning Outcome:

  • LO1: Learners will be able to perform internal and external needs analysis for the new menu and conduct research on industry trends.
  • LO2: Learners will be able to monitor compliance on food additive usage.
  • LO3: Learners will be able to measure consumer acceptance of new dish or ingredients used in new recipe.

Who Should Attend

Applicants who are currently working in F&B or seeking career in F&B industry

Mode of Delivery:

  • Classroom
  • Asynchronous – eLearning
  • Assessment


Classroom: 20 hours

Asynchronous: 7 hours

Assessment: 3 hours

Total: 30 hours

Minimum Entry Requirement

Course Fee:

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