Food and Beverage Equipment Maintenance TGS-2023037855


TCS: FSS-FBS-2007-1.1

Learners will gain the knowledge of how to operate basic equipment safely, as well as how to keep a maintenance schedule in order to prevent equipment breakdowns that can adversely affect your entire F&B operation:

The learning objective of this training programme is for learners to operate basic equipment safely and also learn the importance of maintenance schedule to prevent equipment break-down that affect the F&B operation:

Learning Outcome:

  • LO1: Conduct pre-operations checks and inspections for food and beverage tools and equipment.
  • LO2: Apply appropriate diagnostic and testing procedures to determine equipment faults.
  • LO3: Rectify equipment faults using appropriate techniques, procedures, tools, and equipment.
  • LO4: Set up tools and equipment for operational readiness.

Who Should Attend

Applicants who are working in Food Service Industry involving the use of kitchen equipments.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Synchronous – Classroom Learning
  • Asynchronous – eLearning
  • Assessment


Synchronous: 6.5 hours

Assessment: 1.5 hours

Total Hours: 8 hours

Minimum Entry Requirement

Progressive Wage Model (PWM) role;

  • Food/Drink Stall Assistant and Food Services Counter Attendant
  • Kitchen Assistant / Cook / Senior Cook
  • Waiter

Course Fee:

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