Food and Beverage Budgeting Management (Classroom & Asynchronous) TGS-2022016990


TSC: FSS-FIN-3001-1.1

This module is designed to provide learners with a key understanding of the functional objectives in preparing F&B budgets. Learners will acquire the skills and ability to prepare F&B budgets using budgetary control techniques, analysing the business strategies, objectives, cash flow, financial data, and discrepancy checks to ensure adherence to financial controls.

After the completion of this course, learners will be able to prepare food and beverage budgets.

Learning Outcome:

  • LO1: Learners will be able to analyze business strategies and determine the financial needs.
  • LO2: Learners will be able to perform forecasting, budgeting and cash ow analysis
  • LO3: Learners will be able to perform budgeting, financial analysis and discrepancy check.
  • LO4: Learners will be able to ensure adherence to financial controls.

Who Should Attend

Applicants who prepare budget control or require to prepare budget control in future

Mode of Delivery:

  • Classroom
  • Asynchronous – eLearning
  • Assessment


Classroom: 24 hours

Asynchronous: 9 hours

Assessment: 3 hours

Total: 36 hours

Minimum Entry Requirement

Course Fee:

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