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Pizza Hut Singapore

I had a great time studying at SHRM College. Throughout the course in F&B Management, I’ve gained a better understanding in Marketing, learned about Cost Control, and especially acquired the skills that better equip me to become a leader within the field.

I would like to express my appreciation to all the lecturers at SHRM College for their assistance and guidance. Thanks to the Skills Future Study Award, I can upgrade myself and obtain the Diploma in F&B Management in one year.


Catering Manager

Taking the Diploma in F&B Management at SHRM has truly widened my perspective and knowledge on the F&B Industry. During the course, F&B Control and Marketing in Hospitality are the two subjects that I like the most. Also, I have improved my public speaking and presentation skills.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the Lecturers at SHRM who have built confidence in me. I am very grateful for their support and guidance.



FOC Restaurant

Currently working as a Bartender at Foc Restaurant, I took up the Diploma in F&B Management Programme at SHRM College to upgrade myself and obtain a higher certificate in the F&B industry. The subjects that I like most in the programme are Principles of Management and Marketing in Hospitality. I found studying at SHRM very fun and enjoyable. I would like to say thank you to all the lecturers at SHRM who offered us their help and support during the programme.


I had a great time studying at SHRM College to earn the Diploma in F&B Management. I am very thankful to all the lecturers at SHRM who gave me knowledge and confidence to achieve a successful career. I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone who is looking to upgrade their skills and advance their career in the F&B industry.


Vice President, F&B

Food Republic Pte Ltd

I would like to thank Spring Singapore for giving all of us in this class the opportunities to pursue our Diploma in SHRM College through the SkillsFuture Study Awards.

Since 20th October 2015 the SkillsFuture study awards have been opened to applications for all eligible Singaporeans, the annual award recipients have increased steadily from >700 in 2016 to >2400 in 2017 from across 21 sectors/agencies and 31 specialised areas. The Study award means a lot to me, as a father of two the award has lightened my financial burden while pursuing further studies to deepen my knowledge and skills.