Skills Upgrading

Are you looking to sharpen your skills and boost your career
in F&B Service Sector?

All great journeys begin with one single step.   

Don’t you think honing your skills and knowledge through a Diploma in Food & Beverage Sector can be the step that lead you to the door opening for your career?

At SHRM, we offer the two following courses for those who are keen to advance their career in the F&B industry. The objectives of these programs are twofold: First, we will train learners with operational knowledge and skills that soon-to-be managers in the food and beverage industry should have. Second, we will focus on contemporary challenges while providing learners with models and tools to implement appropriate courses of actions to gain competitive advantage in the F&B businesses. 

Managing F&B business, either in the Back of House or Front of House segment, is a challenging, yet fascinating task. Therefore, we always aim to equip learners with the requisite skills, relevant knowledge and specialized training to succeed in this growing sector. 

Find out more about our programmes:

Diploma in F&B Management

Diploma in Culinary Studies