Today interning is on most students’ to-do list. Needless to say, an internship experience is very important and can be beneficial to the students’ academic and professional development.

Students benefit from internship programs because internship provides them the opportunities to:

  • Apply what they have learnt from school to a real work experience
  • Gain exposure to real-world scenarios
  • Be more prepared for their future career
  • Build a strong profile and network
  • Find out what to expect when making a transition to a full-time job

And, not just only students, more than 80 companies are discovering the benefits of SHRM internship programs.

Why hire interns? What are the true benefits of bringing interns on board? Here are a few things that we can list among tons of others:

  • Internship is a great way to bring talented students to your organization’s goal
  • Interns increase company’s workforce and in the meantime provide additional support
  • Internships provide an opportunity for your current employees to mentor and cultivate the next generation of leaders in the field. The mentor-ship program is helpful for your business culture.

Should you wish to grasp this opportunity to be SHRM next internship partner, we will be most pleased to host you for lunch at our Training Restaurant, managed by our students on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays Or we can schedule a meet up at your restaurant for detail discussion.

Please contact Ms Nelly Tay at or call 8775 5991 for further queries.